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Thomas Junior Brown, known as “T.J.”, was born in the hills of Kentucky and moved to rural Florida at the tender age of 9. He grew up in a small town and played sports throughout most of his school years. “As far back as I can remember, I was singing karaoke at family reunions. I was big into country music back then.” Tim McGraw and John Michael Montgomery headed the top of his list of favorite entertainers back in the early 90’s. T.J. began writing poetry in 6th grade and got his first guitar in 10th grade which was a gift from his Uncle George, a “Samick” acoustic. Around the same time, T.J. grew more interested in Top 40 music listening to the likes of Sugar Ray and Matchbox 20. By his senior year, T.J.’s focus on sports was replaced by a love and passion of music; in part as an homage to his best friend, Richard Carl Wright, who took his own life during the end of their junior year.

For the next few years, T.J. worked construction by day and wrote songs by night, perfecting his craft. He landed his first show at The Big Deck Raw Bar in Cedar Key, Florida at the age of 19. By the age of 20, he was selling his first studio CD containing his own original music and self-promoting it. This project was heavily influenced by John Mayer and the Goo Goo Dolls, and it was just the beginning. T.J. landed shows in Daytona, St. Augustine, Destin, Key West and later, outside Florida and all over the U.S.

In 2008, Brown grew restless, and moved to California for a year. The time of soul-searching allowed him to grow and reignite his passion and creativity, returning to Chiefland, Florida to focus on his song writing.

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T.J. released his first album on iTunes in 2010, reflecting all his experiences and personal growth through a wide variety of genres. The project showcased T.J.’s talent, drive and perseverance. He credited artists such as Corey Smith, Jason Mraz, Ryan Adams, James Morrison, Tim McGraw, and Kenny Chesney for inspiration, as well as old school R&B. Although you can pick out a hint of these artists in T.J.s music, T.J. has his own “brand” and is extremely unique songwriter and performer.

T.J. now has a family of his own which has naturally caused him to shift gears a bit. He has taken his own magical, multi-genre style of music and incorporated elements of love, happiness, good health and the need to pursue your dreams. T.J. is also working with a successful team in Nashville to promote his music and take his career to the next level.

T.J.: “I hope to someday have my own record company and do artist development, working with others who wish to perfect their craft and share the same goals and aspirations. It is a way of giving-back which is extremely important to me.”

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With several albums and countless singles spanning over a decade, T.J. Brown has released a serious body of work. His songs seem to be even more relevant today than when they were written so many sunsets ago. It’s time you discovered who and what everyone in Florida has been raving about. You might find yourself…”Somewhere in Between”

T.J. performs at venues throughout Florida and often tours other states. He is also available for private engagements, such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and to liven up any celebration.

Follow T.J. Brown on his musical journey by exploring this site, listening to his albums and by seeing him perform live.

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